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About the collective

Nutcase Collective is a New Media art group formed to explore themes and issues related to the interaction between humans and technology in the early 21st Century. The process will culminate in an interactive art installation to be exhibited in Dublin during May 2011.

We came together as a collective to explore mutual themes and ideas including: human vs. mechanical modes of memory and collective temporal space; the idea of self-awareness and consciousness; framed social construct; technological vs. cultural determinism; exponential growth in communication and the rise of hyper-mediation in the 21st Century.

The project is the final year thesis by four Multimedia students from Dublin City University.

(L-R) Eoin O’Sullivan; Ciaran Hanrahan; Sean Kennedy; Alan Markey.



The collective has explored various technologies to help us realise our goals. These include:






Terminal for shell access (for software hacking)

Ableton Live

FinalCut Pro

Adobe CS5 Suite


Google Sketchup

Google Documents