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Diary Entry Week 8

by on Apr.07, 2011, under Project Diary, Week8

Sean in the Lumber Yard

Week 8

Monday 28th March

Max jitter – Proximity noises. (Ciaran)
Processing – OpenCV & Kinect. (Alan)
Max patching – face recognition on Windows DirectX instead of Quicktime.
Re-design of device. (Sean)
Arduino tuitorials. (Alan)
Tuesday 29th March

Max tuitorials. (Alan)
Max patchs – editing, writing. (Ciaran)
Model design. (Sean)
Discussion of goals in timeframe.

Wednesday 30th March

Design and construction of model for device. (Sean)
Processing – Adjusting input parameters to control screen image. (Alan)
Max patchs – (Ciaran)

Thursday 31th March

Design of Chair and device structure in Google Sketch Up. (Eoin)
Discussion on modular build of device.(Sean & Alan)
Editing of livestream footage into short clip for website. (Eoin)
Research – Arduino/MAX/Processing projects.

Friday 1st April

Arduino Tutorials. (Alan)
Pick up Projector from DCU. (Alan)
Experimentation with projector and mirrors.(Sean, Ciaran, Alan)
Group meeting – Timeline/targets/schedules. (Sean, Ciaran, Alan)

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