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Diary Entry Week 6

by on Mar.23, 2011, under Project Diary, Week6

Construction begins

Week 6

Monday 14th March

Purchased two sheets of MDF from hardward supplier.(Ciaran, Sean, Alan)
Model supplies from Art & Hobby shop.(Ciaran, Sean, Alan)
Picked up tools from relative.(Ciaran, Sean, Alan)
Max – created Patch to open & play video with face recognition.(Ciaran)
Processing – imaging: 2D arrays, filters.(Alan)
Built model for chair to scale. (Sean)
3D model of outer structure. (Eoin)
Tried to arrange meeting with project co-ordinator Tom Lawrence – unsuccessful.

Tuesday 15th March

Construction of model for frame. (Eoin)
Max – Video recognition.(Ciaran)
Processing – imaging: nested strings; new syntax.(Alan)
Start of build on chair. (Sean)

Wednesday 16th March

Processing: imaging; examples online.(Alan)
Max – Syntax, screen splitting for multiple projections on uneven surfaces.(Ciaran)
Construction of base of seat. (Sean)
Sawing of wood for chair.(Ciaran, Sean, Alan)

Thursday 17th March

-St. Patricks day – day off.

Friday 18th March

Practice with Ableton Live and midi keyboard. (Alan)
Updating of website – consolidating online accounts.(Alan)
Trip into town to price wood and construction tools.(Everyone)
Working lunch & networking. (Everyone)


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