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Diary Entry Week 5

by on Mar.12, 2011, under Project Diary, Week5

Nutcase Collective Logo

Monday 7th March

Collection of computer from Ciaran’s house and drive to Sean’s house.
Set-up of space – Layout/workspaces/ergonomics/housekeeping.
Processing revision – Alan tutorial.
Further discussion of timeframe for project.
Oxfam – look for materials, office furniture.

Tuesday 8th March

Meeting at Space – (Sean, Eoin, Alan)
Design of Logo/Colour pallet/Art direction. – (Sean/Eoin)
Installation of WordPress on server space.
Consolidation of Nutcase Collective online accounts – (Alan)
Talk about the nature of the project, doubts and aspirations.

Wednesday 9th March

Start at 2pm
Arduino setup – Colour mixing (Ciaran)
Further design work. (Sean)
Processing Tutorials. (Sean)
Debugging website. Necessary change of hosting from Windows to Linux.
Talk on possible integration of API’s (Facebook, Flickr, Google,
Researchrr) into final project. Plan for exhibition (location,
presentation, user experience) and how it will relate back to
theoretical framework.
Sketching design for build. (Eoin)
Put up wall chart to map progress, deadlines, goals, direction

Thursday 10th March

Trip to supplier to price wood/MDF for building of chair. (Alan, Sean,
Fixed problems with wordpress installation – Change of Server to
Linux; removal and reinstalling of domain name; fixing of permissions.
Working with Arduino, motor and MaxMSP – (Ciaran)
Talking about the exhibition and project goals. (Sean, Ciaran, Alan)
E-mailed Chi Sui for a meeting next week.

Friday 11th March

Max and Arduino talking to each other – mic and camera triggering and
controlling light. (Ciaran)
Arduino – temperature sensor reading room temp and continuosly
outputting the data numerically. (Ciaran)
Brainstorming session – desensitisation to images of pornography,
violence etc. And the effect this has on people and society in
general. Proliferation of images of a graphic nature with the
widespread adoption of internet technologies.
Importing videos using Processing libraries. (Alan)
Purchase of USB cable. (Sean) account setup and branding. (Sean)
Homepage with blurb and live stream integration. (Alan)

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