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Diary Entry Week 4

by on Mar.12, 2011, under Project Diary, Week4

Our introduction to the wonderful world of Arduino

Monday 28th Feb.

Morning meeting to plot a road map towards construction –
Roles within the Group defined.
Structure of work: present to group, apply, report back to group.
Update on the search for a space. (Sean’s sister’s house?)
Updating of the blog and setting up of Vimeo, flickr, Twitter accounts.
Preparatory work on logo/artwork design for project.(Sean)

Integration of MaxESP and Processing language. (Ciaran)
Introduction to MaxESP for rest of the group by Ciaran.
Brainstorming session on theories and ideas and how they relate to our
project – subjectivity of reality; perception(Lacan); religion; system

Tuesday 1st March

Research into purchasing an Arduino starter kit and MIDI keyboard
controller. (Alan)
Recieved loan of book on Processing language from Declan Tuite.
Work on design of construction. (Eoin)
Recieved confirmation of availibility of space to begin construction.
More experimentation with MaxESP. (Ciaran)
Processing tutorials. (Alan)

Wednesday 2nd March

Clearance of space with hire of skip. (Sean)
Max experimentation. (Ciaran)
Processing Tutorials – colour/Object Orientated Programming. (Alan)
Research – Nam June Paik; John Cage.
Online order for: Arduino Starter Kit (x 1);
and server space with; USB midi-keyboard interface. (Alan)

Thursday 3rd March

Space fully cleared and made ready for work. (Sean)
Processing language research – API’s/Importing libraries. (Alan)
Max and Visual Programming Language (VPL) basics. (Ciaran)

Friday 4th March

Trip to Chamber street to see the new space. Discussion of how to
proceed with work schedule. (Sean, Ciaran, Alan)


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