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Project Diary

Diary Entry Week 12

by on May.03, 2011, under Project Diary, Week12

Ciaran tests the lights through MaxMSP with DMX USB pro.

Week 12

Monday 25rd April

Enttec issue resolved – incompatibility issue with Pro Utility and VCOM driver.
Redesign of new logo finished. (Sean)
Stage light working via USB with open source Open Lighting Architecture (OLA).
Thesis work. (Alan, Ciaran, Eoin)
Purchase of bell wire and mat for home-made pressure pad.

Tuesday 26th April

Troubleshooting OlaObject external issue in Max – unresolved.
Logo updated and redesign of online accounts to unify design strategy.
Updated website – recoded, favicons, logo, media uploaded.
Purchase of wood for roof struts.
Updated diary.

Wednesday 27th April

Online meeting for thesis on Google documents.
Meeting in DCU with Miriam Judge
Brainstorming session in DCU.
Building of roof struts.

Thursday 28th

Drilled ports for cameras in Installation.
Demoed interactive sound with pressure pad.
Thesis work – planning.

Friday 29th

Confirmed actors for audio work.
Aquisition of third projector.
Designated parts of the thesis for the weekend – building research

Saturday 30th

Field recording for ‘Hate’ segment of Installation.

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by on Apr.26, 2011, under Project Diary, Week11

At the Interface hacking workshop in Moxie Studios with Benjamin Gaulon.

Week 11

Monday 18th April

Workshop in Moxie Studios with Ben Gaulon to hack Human Interface Devices using Pure Data. (Ciaran & Alan)
Decision on dimension and shape of the projection areas within installation through experimentation.
Cutting, sanding and painting of installation interior.
Video editing. (Eoin)

Tuesday 19th April

Look at the thesis as a group – planning the schedule for writing up.(Group)
Research into DMX512 technology, Enttec drivers, stage lighting control.(Alan)
Notes and graph on philosophical thought.
Mind maps – cut out words and large sheets of paper to help plot thesis structure.
Implementation of workshop principles using hacked games controller with MaxMSP.

Wednesday 20th April

Meeting with supervisor Chi-Sui Wang. (Alan, Ciaran, Sean)
Meeting with Exhibition committee. (Eoin)
Download of videos to archive. (Eoin)
Update of website. (Alan)

Thursday 21st April

Thesis research – update of references.
Troubleshooting Enttec DMX USB Pro compatibility issues.
Research into audio interfaces with three output channels.
Sourcing third speaker.
Testing audio triggers with camera placement in installation using projector and canvas lining.

Friday 22nd April

Sourced the Digital to analogue convertor for multiple outputs. (Alan)
Thesis work – intro, research and production report.
Cleaning of workspace.
Tweaking of Max audio interaction.

Alan and Ciaran at the hacking workshop

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Diary Entry Week 10

by on Apr.20, 2011, under Project Diary, Week10

Mind mapping the project

Week 10

Monday 11th April

Practice with Ableton Live.
Created a track for video upload.
Uploaded video to Vimeo.

Tuesday 12th April

Purchased Wood in Chadwicks Lumber yard.
Researched cutting shop and brought MDF boards to Larry’s, Drumcondra.
Commencement of build. Assembled the main structure.
First instance of Max and Ableton interacting.

Wednesday 13th April

Research into Max and Ableton Live interoperability.
Identified the parameters within Ableton with which we wanted to control with Max.
Via Max for Live, began to understand the API language necessary to acheive this and gto results – Paths, Objects and Observers.

Thursday 14th April

Viewing projector positions – angles, mirrors, shadows, support construction.
Website update of images, media, diary.
Created Max patch successfully to trigger & control specific track functions in Ableton Live for layering a soundscape.
3D model redesign.
Pre-production of content – actors, equipment, design, painting, projection techniques.
Start of redesign of Logo.

Friday 15th April

Design change to facilitate rear projection.
Discussion of camera position in Device.
Further discussion on Third Zone – Outside world with juxtapositioned heads and consideration of image used.
Start of work on individual mind maps.
Mic setup for foley recordings.
Setup of lights – DMX research online.
Thesis structure – schedule for the weekend.

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Diary Entry Week 9

by on Apr.20, 2011, under Project Diary, Week9

Sean and Ciaran discuss the roof.

Week 9

Monday 4th April

Research into Kinect hacking. (Ciaran & Alan)
Design and build optimisation. (Sean)
3D Model. (Eoin)
Bid on ebay for Enttec DMX Pro.

Tuesday 5th April

Downloaded files, command line installation of software components for Kinnect Hack.
Signed up for Hardware hacking workshop on Monday 18th April. (Ciaran & Alan)
Max patches and Video delay. (Ciaran)

Wednesday 6th April

Brainstorming session – Eureka moment #1. Discussion on threads of project and final design and build.
Redesigned the entire Device structure.

Thursday 7th April

Further discussion of central themes of project – talk about soundscape, projections, themes.
Visit to Block T Gallery exhibition opening – discussion with other artists about their processes.

Friday 8th April

Culmination of three days discussion on project direction.
Reflection of Thursday night’s visit to Block T gallery installation.
Further conceptualisation of result.

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Diary Entry Week 8

by on Apr.07, 2011, under Project Diary, Week8

Sean in the Lumber Yard

Week 8

Monday 28th March

Max jitter – Proximity noises. (Ciaran)
Processing – OpenCV & Kinect. (Alan)
Max patching – face recognition on Windows DirectX instead of Quicktime.
Re-design of device. (Sean)
Arduino tuitorials. (Alan)
Tuesday 29th March

Max tuitorials. (Alan)
Max patchs – editing, writing. (Ciaran)
Model design. (Sean)
Discussion of goals in timeframe.

Wednesday 30th March

Design and construction of model for device. (Sean)
Processing – Adjusting input parameters to control screen image. (Alan)
Max patchs – (Ciaran)

Thursday 31th March

Design of Chair and device structure in Google Sketch Up. (Eoin)
Discussion on modular build of device.(Sean & Alan)
Editing of livestream footage into short clip for website. (Eoin)
Research – Arduino/MAX/Processing projects.

Friday 1st April

Arduino Tutorials. (Alan)
Pick up Projector from DCU. (Alan)
Experimentation with projector and mirrors.(Sean, Ciaran, Alan)
Group meeting – Timeline/targets/schedules. (Sean, Ciaran, Alan)

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Diary Entry Week 7

by on Apr.07, 2011, under Project Diary, Week7

Practicing with the newly arrived Arduino kit

Week 7

Monday 21st March

Max – patches. (Ciaran)
Processing – scraping video from live camera feeds & research. (Sean)
Video editing- (Eoin)
Sanding of wooden seat. (Eoin)
Processing – openCV. (Alan)
Brainstorming session – (Everyone)

Tuesday 22nd March

Priced Wood in Hardware store. (Everyone)
Discussed the build and cost.

Wednesday 23rd March

Meeting with project co-ordinator Chi Sui Wang. Positive feedback.
Dicussion in the Helix.
DCU Library – formating of thesis document. Research of previous theses.(Ciaran & Alan)

Thursday 24th March

Meeting with second co-ordinator Tom Lawrence.
Meeting with lecturer Declan Tuite.
Cultural excursion – team building.

Friday 25th March

3D model of ‘device’. (Eoin)
Look at design.
Trip to Science Gallery.
Ableton Live updated. Tuitorials on integration with Live for MaxMSP.

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Diary Entry Week 6

by on Mar.23, 2011, under Project Diary, Week6

Construction begins

Week 6

Monday 14th March

Purchased two sheets of MDF from hardward supplier.(Ciaran, Sean, Alan)
Model supplies from Art & Hobby shop.(Ciaran, Sean, Alan)
Picked up tools from relative.(Ciaran, Sean, Alan)
Max – created Patch to open & play video with face recognition.(Ciaran)
Processing – imaging: 2D arrays, filters.(Alan)
Built model for chair to scale. (Sean)
3D model of outer structure. (Eoin)
Tried to arrange meeting with project co-ordinator Tom Lawrence – unsuccessful.

Tuesday 15th March

Construction of model for frame. (Eoin)
Max – Video recognition.(Ciaran)
Processing – imaging: nested strings; new syntax.(Alan)
Start of build on chair. (Sean)

Wednesday 16th March

Processing: imaging; examples online.(Alan)
Max – Syntax, screen splitting for multiple projections on uneven surfaces.(Ciaran)
Construction of base of seat. (Sean)
Sawing of wood for chair.(Ciaran, Sean, Alan)

Thursday 17th March

-St. Patricks day – day off.

Friday 18th March

Practice with Ableton Live and midi keyboard. (Alan)
Updating of website – consolidating online accounts.(Alan)
Trip into town to price wood and construction tools.(Everyone)
Working lunch & networking. (Everyone)


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Diary Entry Week 5

by on Mar.12, 2011, under Project Diary, Week5

Nutcase Collective Logo

Monday 7th March

Collection of computer from Ciaran’s house and drive to Sean’s house.
Set-up of space – Layout/workspaces/ergonomics/housekeeping.
Processing revision – Alan tutorial.
Further discussion of timeframe for project.
Oxfam – look for materials, office furniture.

Tuesday 8th March

Meeting at Space – (Sean, Eoin, Alan)
Design of Logo/Colour pallet/Art direction. – (Sean/Eoin)
Installation of WordPress on server space.
Consolidation of Nutcase Collective online accounts – (Alan)
Talk about the nature of the project, doubts and aspirations.

Wednesday 9th March

Start at 2pm
Arduino setup – Colour mixing (Ciaran)
Further design work. (Sean)
Processing Tutorials. (Sean)
Debugging website. Necessary change of hosting from Windows to Linux.
Talk on possible integration of API’s (Facebook, Flickr, Google,
Researchrr) into final project. Plan for exhibition (location,
presentation, user experience) and how it will relate back to
theoretical framework.
Sketching design for build. (Eoin)
Put up wall chart to map progress, deadlines, goals, direction

Thursday 10th March

Trip to supplier to price wood/MDF for building of chair. (Alan, Sean,
Fixed problems with wordpress installation – Change of Server to
Linux; removal and reinstalling of domain name; fixing of permissions.
Working with Arduino, motor and MaxMSP – (Ciaran)
Talking about the exhibition and project goals. (Sean, Ciaran, Alan)
E-mailed Chi Sui for a meeting next week.

Friday 11th March

Max and Arduino talking to each other – mic and camera triggering and
controlling light. (Ciaran)
Arduino – temperature sensor reading room temp and continuosly
outputting the data numerically. (Ciaran)
Brainstorming session – desensitisation to images of pornography,
violence etc. And the effect this has on people and society in
general. Proliferation of images of a graphic nature with the
widespread adoption of internet technologies.
Importing videos using Processing libraries. (Alan)
Purchase of USB cable. (Sean) account setup and branding. (Sean)
Homepage with blurb and live stream integration. (Alan)

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Diary Entry Week 4

by on Mar.12, 2011, under Project Diary, Week4

Our introduction to the wonderful world of Arduino

Monday 28th Feb.

Morning meeting to plot a road map towards construction –
Roles within the Group defined.
Structure of work: present to group, apply, report back to group.
Update on the search for a space. (Sean’s sister’s house?)
Updating of the blog and setting up of Vimeo, flickr, Twitter accounts.
Preparatory work on logo/artwork design for project.(Sean)

Integration of MaxESP and Processing language. (Ciaran)
Introduction to MaxESP for rest of the group by Ciaran.
Brainstorming session on theories and ideas and how they relate to our
project – subjectivity of reality; perception(Lacan); religion; system

Tuesday 1st March

Research into purchasing an Arduino starter kit and MIDI keyboard
controller. (Alan)
Recieved loan of book on Processing language from Declan Tuite.
Work on design of construction. (Eoin)
Recieved confirmation of availibility of space to begin construction.
More experimentation with MaxESP. (Ciaran)
Processing tutorials. (Alan)

Wednesday 2nd March

Clearance of space with hire of skip. (Sean)
Max experimentation. (Ciaran)
Processing Tutorials – colour/Object Orientated Programming. (Alan)
Research – Nam June Paik; John Cage.
Online order for: Arduino Starter Kit (x 1);
and server space with; USB midi-keyboard interface. (Alan)

Thursday 3rd March

Space fully cleared and made ready for work. (Sean)
Processing language research – API’s/Importing libraries. (Alan)
Max and Visual Programming Language (VPL) basics. (Ciaran)

Friday 4th March

Trip to Chamber street to see the new space. Discussion of how to
proceed with work schedule. (Sean, Ciaran, Alan)


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Diary Entry Week 3

by on Mar.12, 2011, under Project Diary, Week3

Talk in the Science Gallery, Dublin.

Week 3

Monday 21st Feb.

Continued tutorials on Processing programming language.
Research in to memory training. How the mind uses spatial awareness to remember things. (Alan)

Tuesday 22nd Feb.

Tutorials on Processing.(Eoin, Ciaran, Alan)
Researched videos which demonstrate integration of Kinect, Max, processing language. (Ciaran)
Brainstorming session – concepts; mindmaps; influences. (Everyone)
Set up Twitter account for collective – @Nutcase_coll. (Eoin)

Wednesday 23rd Feb.

Practice with Processing programming applications.(Eoin, Ciaran, Alan)
Attended Arduino class in Science building given by Redbrick society as part of Tech week in DCU. (Ciaran & Alan)
Attended talk in Science Gallery by Chris Sugrue, Filip Visnijc and Niklas Roy. (Ciaran & Alan)

Thursday 24th Feb.

Updated Diary – created folders for image and video artifacts.(Alan)

Friday 25th Feb.

Integration of Max and Kinect.(Ciaran)
Tutorials of Processing.(Alan)
Loan of book on Processing language from Declan Tuite. (Arranged for next Tuesday)

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